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The rims, and tires are in good shape, I just downgraded to 15" rims to save money on tires.
I replaced one of the 16" tires cause it was bulging out the side, but the other 3 have about half tread left. I would've replaced the others, but needed to get a truck for work, and ended up spending almost as much as I paid for the truck to get inspected. The truck ran fine, but bunch of small stuff, and then some small stuff with the cooper.
If you are wondering about snow these tires did great in the snow last year. Only had issues when the stupid traction safety thing kicked in cause when the tires start spinning it stops the throttle until the wheels don't spin, and get traction again. Stupidest feature a car could have. Its worse when you are at the top of a steep hill that winds with sharp turns, and the traction control kicks in, you have to go in reverse, slide around with traffic coming up the hill, and going down, but I managed to do really well with these tires. I was on the road when the state advisory was up saying to stay indoors so that could be part of the problem too, but when you have to work to pay bills, and work doesn't call you off why not work?
I just repainted these tires with paint thats supposed to keep the brake dust, brake dirt from getting on them as much. They look nice, and I would put them back on the car, but I'd rather pay about $200.00 for 4 tires instead of about $400.00.
The paint I used is supposed to help prevent brake dust from making the rims dirty.